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Ban Together

good byeeeeee cruel world!

For the banzilla sisters....
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We are the Banzilla family: Banzuki, Banmera, Banthra, the Loch Ban Monster and the Abominable Snow Ban.

Rage to Live, Live to Rage.

Rage on.
being feminazis, being mean, being self-congratulatory, being self-referential, being superior, belladonnalin, bloody revolution, bluestareyed, castration, catwoman980, emasculation, emzebel, feminazi boot camp, george orwell, hating debate, hating free speech, hating men, holding hands, hothead, kicking you out, maclyn, madamjolie, night101owl, panic girl, psas, revolution, revolution forever, revolution now, seekingsarte, silencing speech, singing kumbaya, zorah